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At Olds Doggy Stay we are a private home so we typically only take one dog staying with us at a time. However, if there are two small dogs in the same family we could accommodate them if the dogs get along with our Becca - our energic and very happy, six-year-old Cockapoo. We do not accept dogs over 25 pounds.

Overnight stays


We're situated on a quiet crescent on the northwest edge of Olds with a large, fully-fenced backyard where the dogs can play. 

Your dog will have free reign in our home; but I can certainly kennel or keep him or her off the bed or furniture, if that is your preference. 

Our dog loves to play and has lots of toys, so there will be no end to the amount of fun - chasing, wrestling, fetching - for your dog to enjoy.

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered, house trained and be up to date on their vaccinations. 

  • Only non-aggressive dogs will be allowed.

  • Owners must read and sign a waiver.

  • Before boarding with us we ask that you bring the dog to our home to meet our Becca to ensure both dogs will be comfortable with each other.

  • We accept dogs age six months and older

Daytime dog sitting:


If you don't want to leave your dog at home alone for hours on end while you're at work, want to socialize your dog, or have an emergency, appointment or a situation arises where you need to head out-of-town for several hours and don't want to leave your dog alone, we provide a dog sitting service as long as meet the above requirements. 

Care for your pet in your home:


Have a new puppy, older dog or large breed, we can help take care of them while you're at work or travelling. We have clients both who have us let their dog once at mid-day while they're at work, and others who go away on vacation and have us come to their home to let their dog out 2, 3 or 4 times a day to ensure they're fed and watered, and provide the attention they need.

Extras we offer:

  • We are NOT groomers but can do simple services such as nail clipping and brushing teeth.

  • We can also take your dog to and from groomer or vet appointments.

  • Dog walking is available 

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