About us

Welcome to Olds Doggy Stay

Owned and operated by Heather and Mike Ryan, we started Olds Doggy Stay because first off we're both dog lovers and have raised both big and small dogs over the last 30+ years. We've also taken care of many of our friends, family and neighbours dogs while they've been away.

Second, because we love to travel we know how difficult it is to find a kennel where our dog will be comfortable and not suffer from anxiety over the separation. We know from experience that our dogs have been much happier staying in a home where they can get lots of attention, cuddles and play time.

That is why we started Olds Doggy Stay and are offering fellow dog owners a loving, safe and supervised environment where your dog can stay and be happy while you're away on vacation. Bring your dog's food, bed or kennel (our dog sleeps in her kennel at night) and even a favourite toy or treats and it's almost like being right at home.


Our dog Coco is a Shih Tzu/Bichon Cross who had a recent occasion to stay at “Olds Doggy Stay.” I think Coco benefitted from being in a home rather that a kennel. Coco likes to go for walks daily and have individual attention paid to her. Olds Doggy Stay provide a safe and friendly environment for your dog, daily walks and a fully fenced back yard. Give them a try when you need to leave your dog behind. - Geoff Lynn

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45 Vantage Cres., Olds, Aberta